Welcome to Isaacson Web Development

Thanks for stopping by the site!

I am a back-end developer who specializes in using Drupal as a content management framework to build custom web applications for my clients.

I am currently still engaged in negotiations with regards to my long-term availability and am willing to consider all my options.

My standard rate is $150 / hour. I am open to considering full-time employment with companies that are open to remote workers and who are looking to pay at least $150K annually. An ideal fit would be a Tech Lead position in which I can continue to work with code as well as mentor and oversee other developers. I am looking to be in a managerial track, if not immediately in a managerial position.

If you'd like to take me for a "test drive" you can check out "Mastering Drupal 8 Development", the video course I created for Packt Publishing. Packt has also made a playlist available on YouTube so you can preview the course.